Ride Manager Forms

Hi There!

Thanks for taking on the responsibility of managing a ride……..not an easy task but much appreciated by all that enjoy CMO.

As I don’t have access to a copy machine, ride manager’s are responsible for making copies of forms. The following documents are attached and I’ve included the suggested number of copies in parenthesis. If there isn’t a suggested copy number the document is for your information and can be printed as needed.

Please take note the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATIONS have been revised for 2016. There is also an INDEMNIFICATION FORM.  This should be signed by individuals and one for every rider on a family membership. The indemnifications forms are on the second page of the application and additional copies need to be attatched to the membership application. Membership fees have also increased, our first increase in twenty years. Family memberships are now $40 and Individual $25.

Sanction Request Form (1)

Event Coverage Notification  When the State schedule is posted on the NACMO website our national representitive sends the schedule to the insurance company. You only need to use this form IF  YOU CHANGE your date or location.

2017 Insurance Policy   Depending on where your ride is located, you may need an individual endorsement for the land owner. Usually the Certificate of Liability along with the individual endorsement for a specific land owner is sufficient, though some land owners want a copy of the entire policy. Click on one of the following to download the endorsement for your particular area and/or permit application:  Washington State DNR, University of Washington, USDA Forest Service, King County DNR and Parks, King County, Longview Fibre.

Tally Sheet (1)

Score Sheet (1)

Membership Applications (5)-Print both sides, includes NACMO indemnification, if additional indemnification forms are needed print the 2nd page only.

Rider Entry forms (35)-Print both sides, includes NACMO indemnification on the second page.

DNR Adult "Hold Harmless Waiver" (For permitted rides on Wash. Dept. of Natural Resources lands)

DNR Minor "Hold Harmless Waiver" (For permitted rides on Wash. Dept. of Natural Resources lands)

 Ride Schedule (1)

 Ride Manager’s Aid Booklet

 “How to CMO” Booklet

Who are you Riding with?

 Plate Samples

A current Horse/Rider list is available for printing on the NACMO website www.nacmo.org and it's recommended to have a current list on hand at your sign up table. If there is anything I can help or assist you with please don’t hesitate to contact me.

 Happy Trails,

 Lisa Hayes - WACMO Secretary